Lambert and Stamp

Lambert & Stamp

(Photo: Courtesy of Sundance)

James D. Cooper opted to wait until after the screening before addressing the audience at his Sundance documentary premier.  The film is an audio and visual experience that takes viewers to the opening performances of a teenage band, the High Numbers, who are discovered by the unlikely duo of Kit Lambert and Christopher Stamp. The film provides amazing archival footage of teens  John Entwistle, Rodger Daltrey, Keith Moon,  and Pete Townshend through the lens of aspiring filmmakers Lambert and Stamp, who searched for months to find a band for their film.

Cooper said he was amazed by the work of the people around him, but it is Cooper’s work as director, producer, and conversationalist that is truly amazing. Cooper has created and preserved an important collection of rock history that is a tribute to Christopher Stamp, who died in 2012, bringing to close the duo that worked the gears behind the first decade of The Who.




  1. Wow that’s very interesting, Rock and Roll history in movie sounds awesome. Its to bad for the loss of Stamp, but the work they left for us is truly remarkable. I cant believe they were a part of the first decade of The Who.

  2. I loved the fact that he waited to explain his project after he pressented it. That way people could form their own opinion about what they watched. Forever legendary.

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