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Interviewing a survivor of the recent Fuego volcano in central Guatemala would be exciting and dangerous. The volcano  has resumed activity, shooting lava and columns of ash into the air on Monday. It overlooks the tourist city of Antigua and is one of Central America’s most-active volcanoes. Fuego is located just South of another young volcano, Acatenango; the two make up a paired volcano, like others in Northern Central America (Halsor and Rose, 1987). The two volcanoes have erupted lavas which differ notable in composition – most of Acatenango’s lavas are andesites, while Fuego has recently erupted only basalt. Acatenango also has a much lower level recent activity. The N trending line between Acatenango and Fuego also encompasses the positions of two minor vents, Yepocapa and Meseta. Meseta represents an older, partly eroded or collapsed vent just North of Fuego. It is broadly andesitic in composition (Chesner and Rose, 1984) (

Survivors not only provide insight, but also represents a group currently in peril. It would be interesting to find out:

1) Where were you when the volcano erupted?

2) How did you hear of the activity?

3) What will you do now that the Fuego volcano is active?

Additional information on the volcano can be found at



  1. This is a sample comment: Interesting information on the volcano. It would also be interesting to interview the camera personal and media who covered the event. I would be interested to know when and where they set up filming.

    Joe Student

  2. This is truly a scary and dangerous event. I cannot imagine what the people of Guatemala are going through at this time. I didn’t know about this story prior to the start of this class, but I will definitely keep tabs on the progression.-Trinasia Reedy

  3. It would be interesting to interview a survivor from a volcanic eruption. When I went to Italy, I saw Vesuvius and got to go through the ruins. I would hate to be anywhere near a volcano while it’s erupting, let alone filming it.

  4. It would be terrifying living in a area with active volcanoes present. The volcano in
    Guatemala which erupted was over looking a tourist city. I could never imagine being on a vacation and having to deal with a volcanic eruption!

    Emily Wehunt

  5. If I lived in Guatemala and I volcano erupted in my backyard I would not be very happy. I would pack up my things and move away. I will not die due to andesites or basalt lava. No thanks!

  6. Interviewing a survivor of this catastrophe would be an interesting idea. In fact, I have never been through this kind of natural events, so this topic sounds very fascinating to explore. Good job!

  7. This is a pretty cool story, I never survived a volcano. Never lived near a volcano either.Looks like a lot of lava. I wont be going to Guatemala in the near future, I hope no one got hurt.

    -Tatiana Chepurko

  8. Interviewing someone who actually resides around an active volcano would be an amazing interview. I’ve never seen one only on television and in my textbooks, so actually being up close and personal would be daring and exciting all in one; however, I’m not that daring so an interview will suffice. It must be a beautiful sight wouldn’t you agree? — Joanna Jubitana

  9. 1) Where were you when the volcano erupted?At home

    2) How did you hear of the activity? Blog posted on line

    3) What will you do now that the Fuego volcano is active? I would read more about it so I can receive additionally update on how valcano reacts as time passes

  10. First thing that comes to mind while reading this blog is why! in the world would anyone!!! reside near a volcano. I assume that its nothing something that anyone plans to do when thinking of the geographical locations in which volcanos are present, either way I would assume that eruption is very terrifying for the locals; makes me wonder in what ways do they prefer themseleves for evacution during what could possibly be a serious eruption.

  11. I always thought volcanoes were very interesting. I’m sure most of the individuals who were present in Antigua at the time of this eruption might disagree. Volcanoes can be dangerous, and can cause a great deal of damage. I understand the Fuego volcano is one of Central America’s most-active volcanoes. It would be interesting to see the technology they have in place to help prepare them for these events.

  12. I was born in Hawaii and i’ve seen a volcano up close. Volcanos can cause a lot of destruction. I would’nt recommend visiting a place that has an active volcano that is erupting. Nick Nahas

  13. This is a different take on your typical interview. But, it is so crazy to me how nature works at times.

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