Feature Writing

AP Photo/Richard Drew/FILE

Dear MMC 2100 Students:

This week, you are (hopefully) hard at work on your feature article.

Yesterday, March 15, 2011, I toured a group of journalism students from around the country through the Hurst Tower in New York. By far, the highlight of the tour was a 90-minute Q & A session with the managing editor and his staff. Below, you will find a link to what many writers consider one of the most intriguing feature articles ever published by Esquire: “The Falling Man” (Originally appeared in the September 2003 issue):

Falling Man? (Sept. 2003)
As you read the article, consider the impact of the photo, lead-in and background provided by the writer. Also, consider the “timelessness” of the article.

The following link lists the greatest stories Esquire ever published:


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